What Warren Buffett did not say

2020-05-07   Author: Value Investor   Category: News

Berkshire Hathaway’s annual shareholder meeting is always a remarkable event, especially for value investors. It was not an exception in this regard this year, too, though it was quite remarkable in other respects, one of them being what Warren Buffett did not say.   [read all]

Who is really benefiting from stock buybacks?

2020-04-22   Author: Value Investor   Category: News

There is a lot of hype about US companies spending obscene amounts of money on purchases of their own shares. But is it really that good for shareholders as we are led to believe?   [read all]

Another day, another dollar (for some)

2020-04-20   Author: Value Investor   Category: News

A reflection on the past trading day, oil, Amazon, misery stocks, globalization, seigniorage, and what sign to monitor longer-term for worse things to come (hint: US dollar).   [read all]

Is the coronavirus pandemic almost over?

2020-04-18   Author: Value Investor   Category: News

Despite the widespread optimist, we have not really seen the worst yet in this pandemic. There will be a prolonged period of painful adjustments and losses. Stay prepared.   [read all]