Sector analysis

TMT sector: focus on value

2021-04-29   Author: Stock Analyst   Category: Sector analysis

The recovery will be led by the United States, where growth is expected to hit a record since 1984, and China, whose economy will return to pre-crisis levels later this year. Investors are clearly interested in investing in securities of companies in recovering industries, which may lead to the sale of shares in the TMT sector, which have already significantly increased in value over the past year.   [read all]

In American oil and gas, it's better to bet on big players

2021-04-26   Author: Stock Analyst   Category: Sector analysis

American oil and gas companies have not yet moved to an increase in production after it fell by 2 million barrels per day. against the backdrop of the pandemic, despite the comfortable level of oil prices. Probably, the current price level does not look stable enough to take risks and switch to active drilling.   [read all]