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Graham Formula value of ACI Worldwide, Inc. (ACIW)

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Intrinsic Value
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Intrinsic value =

 [ (Net income / Number of shares )

   * ( + * Earnings growth %) *

 ] / Yield on bonds %

In The Intelligent Investor, Benjamin Graham provides a simple formula, that, in his own words, only "approximates the results of the more elaborate calculations in vogue" (i.e. other methods) for the valuation of growth stocks. The formula was slightly revised in 1974 to adjust for variations in market interest rates and was described as follows:

Graham formula

where V* is intrinsic value of a stock, EPS is the company’s last 12-month earnings per share, 8.5 is the constant representing the appropriate P/E ratio for a no-growth company as proposed by Graham, g is the company’s long-term (five years) earnings growth estimate, 4.4 is the average yield of high-grade corporate bonds in 1962, when this model was first introduced, and Y is the current yield on 20yr AAA corporate bonds.