Intrinsic value stock screener

Upside potential, %
Market cap, undefined mln
Revenue, undefined mln
Revenue growth, %
Price to earnings
Price to book
Price to sales
Sales to assets
Debt to equity
Dividend yield, %
Return on assets, %
Return on equity, %
Net profit margin, %

About the stock screener

The intrinsic value stock screener presented here is a very powerful tool for screening stocks for further analysis. In the input to the screener we only show parameters (either on their own or in combination with other parameters shown here) that we determine to have the largest statistically significant impact on expected stock price performance.

To help you in the stock selection process, we provide backtesting data: the price performance of stocks for which past financial data matched your screening criteria. Please keep in mind, though, that past performance may not be indicative of future results.