S&P 500 Information Technology

“Buy” - “Sell” 6-year average, %/year (annualized from 3-month gains):-6.7%

These are annualized average 3-month performance results for annual and quarterly financial statements dates falling into a particular calendar year. The performance for the last in the calendar year statement is actually measured in the following year, but is “drawn back” for inclusion into the calendar year under consideration.

The valuation model performance presented on the chart consists of two lines. The green line shows the actual average performance in different years of all stocks in the stock index that were rated by our valuation model (called “Intrinsic value” in the stock table below) as “buy” and “strong buy”. The red line - those rated as “sell” and “strong sell”.

Such performance would be reflective of the performance of two portfolios: one including only “buy” stocks in the index, and another consisting only of sell stocks, with investment decisions taken upon publishing of financial statements for each individual stock in the index.

Though these performances are actual, they are the product of backtesting. That means that if we tweak our stock valuation model, the past performance also changes. The benefit of this is that you always see actual part performance of the current version of the stock valuation model.

TickerCompany NameStock
price, $
Up/down potential, %
AAPLApple Inc.125.35-54-80-5
ACNAccenture PLC259.27-63-72-36
ADBEAdobe Inc.476.62-92-94-59
ADIAnalog Devices, Inc.161.76premium content
ADPAutomatic Data Processing176.62premium content
ADSAlliance Data Systems Cor94.96premium content
ADSKAutodesk, Inc.298.91premium content
AKAMAkamai Technologies, Inc.97.54premium content
AMATApplied Materials, Inc.122.81n/an/an/a
AMDAdvanced Micro Devices, I86.94premium content
ANETArista Networks, Inc.286.36premium content
ANSSANSYS, Inc.385.37premium content
APHAmphenol Corporation129.55premium content
AVGOBroadcom Inc.480.88premium content
BRBroadridge Financial Solu145.08premium content
CDNSCadence Design Systems, I139.42premium content
CDWCDW Corporation162.10premium content
CRMsalesforce.com, inc.240.47premium content
CSCOCisco Systems, Inc.45.74premium content
CTSHCognizant Technology Solu74.93premium content
CTXSCitrix Systems, Inc.137.00premium content
DXCDXC Technology Company.26.02premium content
FFIVF5 Networks, Inc.189.50premium content
FISFidelity National Informa139.44premium content
FISVFiserv, Inc.119.07premium content
FLIRFLIR Systems, Inc.54.71premium content
FLTFleetCor Technologies, In290.19premium content
FTNTFortinet, Inc.169.85premium content
GLWCorning Incorporated38.63premium content
GPNGlobal Payments Inc.204.27premium content
HPEHewlett Packard Enterpris14.84premium content
HPQHP Inc.27.97premium content
IBMInternational Business Ma123.21premium content
INTCIntel Corporation63.19premium content
INTUIntuit Inc.413.18premium content
IPGPIPG Photonics Corporation231.08premium content
TickerCompany NameStock
price, $
Up/down potential, %
ITGartner, Inc.183.16-95-111-45
JKHYJack Henry & Associates, 151.64-76-78-30
JNPRJuniper Networks, Inc.23.75-51-48-51
KEYSKeysight Technologies Inc143.64premium content
KLACKLA Corporation328.43premium content
LDOSLeidos Holdings, Inc.90.38premium content
LRCXLam Research Corporation596.90premium content
MAMastercard Incorporated367.32premium content
MCHPMicrochip Technology Inco157.25premium content
MSFTMicrosoft Corporation234.55premium content
MSIMotorola Solutions, Inc.181.08premium content
MUMicron Technology, Inc.92.52premium content
MXIMMaxim Integrated Products96.75premium content
NLOKNortonLifeLock Inc.20.55premium content
NOWServiceNow, Inc.551.83premium content
NTAPNetApp, Inc.71.57premium content
NVDANVIDIA Corporation579.96premium content
ORCLOracle Corporation64.70premium content
PAYCPaycom Software, Inc.386.97premium content
PAYXPaychex, Inc.93.36premium content
PYPLPayPal Holdings, Inc.266.07premium content
QCOMQUALCOMM Incorporated141.10premium content
QRVOQorvo, Inc.179.15premium content
SNPSSynopsys, Inc.260.68premium content
STXSeagate Technology PLC74.34premium content
SWKSSkyworks Solutions, Inc.190.36premium content
TELTE Connectivity Ltd.130.72premium content
TXNTexas Instruments Incorpo179.39premium content
VVisa Inc.219.43premium content
VRSNVeriSign, Inc.195.51premium content
WDCWestern Digital Corporati70.53premium content
WUThe Western Union Company23.79premium content
XLNXXilinx, Inc.133.81premium content
XRXXerox Corporation25.32premium content
ZBRAZebra Technologies Corpor512.69premium content