Message from the founder is an independent investment research and advisory site concentrating at the moment on U.S. equities. It is the successor of and that served investors well since 2005 and attracted a number of dedicated followers. Our goal is to help individual investors and fund managers in their stock selection process.

The core offering of our site is intrinsic value estimation of stocks based on our proprietary stock valuation model. The model has been extensively tested and improved over the past fifteen years. Now it is a formidable stock valuation tool offering a clear advantage to investors who use it. What we have here is unique and cannot be found anywhere else.

Investing, by and large, is a process with unpredictable results. We strive to reduce this unpredictability for investors by offering tools that are based on sound fundamental analysis. We consciously minimize any subjectivity in the process so that our valuation results are consistent and comparable.

We would be grateful to hear your comments and suggestions. Customer feedback drives the site development. The better the site, the more money you make.

In the meantime, have a profitable day!

Alexander Chepakovich, CFA Founder