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The original valuation is based on fiscal year data as of 2021-12-31 and quarterly data as of 2022-03-31.

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Annual revenue growth rates, % (past and forecasted)

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Company description

EQT Corporation operates as a natural gas production company in the United States. The company produces natural gas, natural gas liquids (NGLs), and crude oil. As of December 31, 2019, it had 17.5 trillion cubic feet of proved natural gas, NGLs, and crude oil reserves across approximately 1.3 million gross acres. The company was founded in 1925 and is headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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Fiscal year2021(a)2022202320242025202620272028202920302031203220332034203520362037203820392040204120422043204420452046


Revenue growth rate, %157.2NaN
Revenue, $6840NaN
Variable operating expenses, $mNaN
Fixed operating expenses, $mNaN
Total operating expenses, $m8201NaN
Operating income, $m-1361NaN
EBITDA, $m316NaN
Interest expense (income), $mNaN
Earnings before tax, $m-1590NaN
Tax expense, $m-434NaN
Net income, $m-1156NaN


Cash and short-term investments, $m114NaN
Total assets, $m21607NaN
Adjusted assets (=assets-cash), $m21493NaN
Average production assets, $m17261NaN
Working capital, $m-2793NaN
Total debt, $m5566NaN
Total liabilities, $m11577NaN
Total equity, $m10030NaN
Debt-to-equity ratio0.555NaN
Adjusted equity ratio0.507NaN


Net income, $m-1156NaN
Depreciation, amort., depletion, $m1677NaN
Funds from operations, $mNaN
Change in working capital, $mNaN
Cash from operations, $m1662NaN
Maintenance CAPEX, $mNaN
New CAPEX, $mNaN
Total CAPEX, $m-1053NaN
Free cash flow, $m2715NaN
Issuance/(repurchase) of shares, $mNaN
Retained Cash Flow, $mNaN
Pot'l extraordinary dividend, $m-2793
Cash available for distribution, $mNaN
Discount rate, %NaN
PV of cash for distribution, $mNaN
Current shareholders' claim on cash, %NaN