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Lockheed Martin - consistent profitability in the US defense sector

2021-06-02    Category: Stock analysis

Our estimate of the fair value for Lockheed Martin at the end of 2021 is $125 billion, or $450.30 per share, which implies 17.1% upside potential from the current price level. The recommendation is "Buy".   [read all]

Applied Materials excellent second quarter

2021-05-21    Category: Stock news

We have a Buy recommendation for Applied Materials with a mid-term target price of $156.70, which implies 20.3% upside from the current level.   [read all]

Exxon Mobil - long-term hold

2021-05-19    Category: Stock analysis

To valuate the company, we used the multiples valuation method relative to peers, which gave a target capitalization of $286.3 billion, or $67.6 per share. This corresponds to an upside of 8.7% on a 12-month horizon. and a Hold rating. Including dividends, the upside is 14.3%.   [read all]

Ameren shares have shown solid growth over the past three months

2021-05-14    Category: Stock analysis

On May 11, Ameren, a Missouri-based electricity holding company, released its financial results for the first quarter of this year. The company's refined EPS for Q1 was $0.91 (+ 54.2% YoY), well ahead of the $0.75 consensus.   [read all]

Exxon Mobil - hold and buy on pullbacks

2021-05-11    Category: Stock news

Since our recommendation on March 24, Exxon Mobil has gained 11.9% to reach our target price of $63.80.   [read all]

Cummins' quarterly figures beat Wall Street forecasts

2021-05-11    Category: Stock news

The company's revenues for the reporting period grew by 22% YoY to $6.1 billion, which was better than market expectations of $5.3 billion, while sales in North America grew by 7% YoY.   [read all]

Abbvie posted strong sales growth in Q1

2021-05-11    Category: Stock analysis

Abbvie released its financial results for the 1st quarter of 2021 on Friday, April 30. What is in the numbers?   [read all]

Alibaba shares retain upside potential

2021-05-06    Category: Stock analysis

Since our recommendation of February 25, 2021, Alibaba shares are down 10.3%. The main reason for the decline was the main risk identified in our figure - regulatory pressure.   [read all]

Con Edison remains one of the green transition leaders

2021-05-05    Category: Stock news

Our current recommendation for ED shares is "Hold" with a target of $84.90, which corresponds to a potential of 8.7% excluding dividends. The expected dividend yield in 2021 is around 4%.   [read all]

Exxon Mobil reports moderately positive 1Q financials

2021-04-30    Category: Stock news

Exxon Mobil posted a moderately positive 1Q2021 report. Adjusted earnings per share rose 22.6% YoY to $0.65. Revenue rose 5.3% YoY to $59.2bn. Both parameters were 7-9% above consensus.   [read all]

We expect strong Q1 performance from Cummins

2021-04-30    Category: Stock news

We expect that the company's revenue in the reporting period will increase by 5.84% YoY to reach $5.3 billion, and the adjusted earnings per share may be about $3.46, which is 8.8% higher than in the same period. period of the last year.   [read all]

Skyrizi and Rinvoq Can Help AbbVie Beat Consensus

2021-04-29    Category: Stock analysis

One of the leaders in the US pharmaceutical industry, AbbVie, will release its 1Q08 financials on Friday, April 30. What to expect?   [read all]

TMT sector: focus on value

2021-04-29    Category: Sector analysis

The recovery will be led by the United States, where growth is expected to hit a record since 1984, and China, whose economy will return to pre-crisis levels later this year. Investors are clearly interested in investing in securities of companies in recovering industries, which may lead to the sale of shares in the TMT sector, which have already significantly increased in value over the past year.   [read all]

Capital One beat revenue and earnings forecasts and resumed buyback

2021-04-28    Category: Stock analysis

We expect Capital One to be one of the main beneficiaries of the expected recovery in consumer and business activity in the United States, given the bank's strong position in the credit card and consumer banking segment. At the same time, due to the improved situation in the economy, further release of reserves for possible loan losses should be expected, which will provide additional support for profit indicators.   [read all]

In American oil and gas, it's better to bet on big players

2021-04-26    Category: Sector analysis

American oil and gas companies have not yet moved to an increase in production after it fell by 2 million barrels per day. against the backdrop of the pandemic, despite the comfortable level of oil prices. Probably, the current price level does not look stable enough to take risks and switch to active drilling.   [read all]

Capital One Q1 Results Outlook: Profit Growth Fueled by Release of Provisions Amid Decrease in Revenue

2021-04-23    Category: Stock analysis

On Tuesday, April 27, the American diversified financial holding Capital One Financial will report for the 1st quarter of 2021.   [read all]

Edison International has good prospects in 2021

2021-04-22    Category: Stock news

On Tuesday, April 27, Californian power grid company Edison International will publish its results for the 1st quarter of 2021. Bloomberg consensus on refined EPS for January-March is $0.78 (+ 23.8% YoY) per share.   [read all]

Applied Materials - Growth Potential Is Already Limited

2021-04-07    Category: Stock analysis

Our estimate of the fair value for Applied Materials over a 12-month horizon. is $138.35 billion, or $150.77 per share, which implies growth potential of only 6.5% from the current price level. The recommendation is "Hold".   [read all]

Exxon Mobil is the dividend leader of American oil and gas

2021-03-24    Category: Stock analysis

To evaluate the company, we used multiples relative to peers, which gave a target capitalization of $ 270.2 billion, or $63.80 per share. Including dividends in the next 12 months. of 6.2%, the target price of $ 63.80 assumes an upside of 20.3%, which is in line with a Buy rating.   [read all]

Growth in demand for construction equipment will support Cummins stock

2021-03-18    Category: Stock analysis

Cummins is one of the world's largest manufacturers of diesel engines for tractors, buses, armored vehicles and self-propelled ships. Our estimate of Cummins' fair value at the end of 2021 is $50.9 billion, with a target price per share of $344.70, which implies 26% upside potential from the current price level. The recommendation is "Buy".   [read all]

Patents will keep AbbVie growing

2021-03-09    Category: Stock analysis

We have a Buy recommendation for AbbVie with a target price of $120 for December 2021, which provides an upside potential of 18.5% from the current price adjusted for the 2021 dividend.   [read all]

Ameren exceeded analyst expectations

2021-02-26    Category: Stock analysis

Ameren, a St. Louis-based power grid holding company, reported for Q4 2020, beating analysts' expectations, with the company's Oct-Dec EPS adjusted to $0.46 versus $0.42 consensus.   [read all]

Alibaba is the leader in Chinese e-commerce

2021-02-25    Category: Stock analysis

Alibaba is the leader of the world's largest Chinese e-commerce market. The company's revenue and EBITDA grew by 43.6% and 30.6% in the last quarter - impressive growth for a company of this size.   [read all]

Applied Materials - play on the semiconductor boom in the world

2021-02-24    Category: Stock analysis

Applied Materials is one of the world's leading manufacturers of semiconductor chip and display equipment. Our estimate of the fair value for Applied Materials over a 12-month horizon. is $122.16 billion, or $133.10 per share, which implies upside potential of 15% from the current price level. The recommendation is "Buy".   [read all]

Ameren earnings per share for 2020 expected in management's forecast range

2021-02-18    Category: Stock analysis

Ameren's net profit growth is expected to be driven primarily by the regulator's increase in regulatory ROE for the Ameren Transmission segment, as well as the use of new infrastructure facilities in the Ameren Illinois Natural Gas division.   [read all]

Consolidated Edison shares decline ahead of reporting

2021-02-17    Category: Stock news

Consolidated Edison, the power grid company serving the largest metropolitan area in the United States, will release its 4Q2020 financial results on Thursday, February 18.   [read all]

Capital One Financial is an interesting and undervalued bank

2021-02-15    Category: Stock analysis

We have valued Capital One using the comparative method based on our forecasted financial results for 2021. Our valuation is determined as the arithmetic mean of our P / E and P / BV multiples. Our estimate of the fair value of Capital One over a 12-month horizon. is $63.7 billion, or $138.90 per common share. The upside potential is 18.6%, the recommendation is Buy.   [read all]

Ameren: Green Ambition Under High Voltage

2020-12-30    Category: Stock analysis

Combined target price of $74.30 per share for 12 months. with a negative potential of 3.0% to the current price. The full four-quarter dividend return (NTM) is minus 0.2%. Based on this, we are not yet ready to recommend AEE shares for purchase and assign them a HOLD recommendation.   [read all]

Con Edison has prospects for growth

2020-12-01    Category: Stock analysis

Con Edison is one of the largest US electric power holdings focused on serving New York and the counties, with a combined asset value of about $60 billion. Based on the potential level, we are not yet ready to recommend shares for purchase and assign Con Edison a Hold rating.   [read all]

Amgen is an undervalued biotech giant

2020-11-19    Category: Stock analysis

Based on the current picture of major multiples, Amgen is undervalued relative to major competitors and the biotech sector. Our estimate of the fair value of Amgen is $165.99 billion, or $285.74 per share, which implies upside potential of 22.9% from the current price level.   [read all]

Boston Scientific will get out of the pandemic with dignity

2020-05-12    Category: Stock analysis

Thanks to an aggressive acquisition policy, the company has significantly expanded its product line, which has become highly diversified. We continue to view Boston Scientific shares as a promising investment for the coming year and recommend buying them with a target level of $42.   [read all]