Investing in Avnet, Inc. (AVT)

Valuation methodValue, $Upside, %
Artificial intelligence (AI)29.85-41
Intrinsic value (DCF)44.65-12
Graham-Dodd Method91.3381
Graham Formula24.85-51

Company description

AVT is a global technology company that specializes in providing innovative, automated solutions for businesses across a wide range of industries. Founded in 1987, AVT has established itself as a leader in the industry, with a diverse portfolio of products and services that cater to the evolving needs of its clients. The company's extensive range of offerings includes automated retail systems, software development, and digital signage solutions, all aimed at helping businesses streamline their operations and improve efficiency. With a presence in over 30 countries, AVT has a truly global reach and has collaborated with some of the world's most recognizable brands to deliver cutting-edge solutions. Committed to innovation and excellence, AVT continues to push boundaries and stay ahead of the curve in the fast-paced technology landscape, making it a trusted partner for businesses looking to stay ahead of the competition. Overall, AVT's dedication to customer satisfaction and its constant drive to innovate make it a standout company in the tech world.