Investing in BGSF, Inc. (BGSF)

Valuation methodValue, $Upside, %
Artificial intelligence (AI)223.543022
Intrinsic value (DCF)31.74343
Graham-Dodd Method14.50103
Graham Formula50.92611

Company description

BGSF is a staffing and recruiting company, headquartered in Plano, Texas. They specialize in providing workforce solutions to clients across various industries, including healthcare, technology, and professional services. The company offers a comprehensive range of services, including temporary staffing, direct hire placement, and managed staffing programs. They have a strong presence in the United States, operating through a network of offices in over 25 states. BGSF prides itself on its ability to attract and retain top talent, providing exceptional service to both clients and employees. Their innovative recruitment strategies and industry expertise have positioned them as a leader in the staffing industry, continuously driving growth and delivering value to shareholders. BGSF is committed to providing tailored and flexible solutions to meet the evolving needs of businesses in today's dynamic job market. With a customer-centric approach and a dedicated team of professionals, BGSF is well-positioned for continued success and growth in the future.