Investing in Buenaventura Mining Company Inc. (BVN)

Valuation methodValue, $Upside, %
Artificial intelligence (AI)n/a
Intrinsic value (DCF)0.00-100
Graham-Dodd Method24.6747
Graham Formula69.52314

Company description

Buenaventura Mining Company Inc. (BVN) is a diversified precious metals producer based in Peru. With over 65 years of experience, the company is a leading producer of gold, silver, and copper. BVN operates several mines throughout Peru, including the world-class Yanacocha mine, one of the largest gold mines in the world. Additionally, the company also has interests in power generation through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Energia del Pacifico. Buenaventura is committed to responsible mining practices and has implemented various sustainability initiatives to minimize its environmental impact. The company also prioritizes social responsibility, investing in education, infrastructure, and healthcare in the communities where it operates. With a strong financial track record and a dedicated team of employees, BVN continues to be a key player in the global precious metals market.