Investing in Betterware de Mexico SAPI de C (BWMX)

Valuation methodValue, $Upside, %
Artificial intelligence (AI)25775.93134782
Intrinsic value (DCF)55.13188
Graham-Dodd Method9.14-52
Graham Formula36.8593

Company description

BWMX, or Betterware de Mexico, is a leading direct-to-consumer company based in Mexico. Founded in 1995, BWMX offers a wide range of household and personal care products through its MLM (multilevel marketing) model, utilizing a network of over 350,000 independent distributors. The company's product line includes kitchenware, home organization items, cleaning supplies, as well as beauty and personal care products. BWMX has established a strong presence in the Mexican market, with its products being sold in more than 3 million households. In addition to its direct sales approach, BWMX also operates a robust e-commerce platform, allowing customers to conveniently purchase its products online. The company has experienced consistent growth and profitability, and has expanded its operations to other Latin American countries, such as Colombia and Peru. BWMX's commitment to quality and innovation, along with its strong distribution network and growing digital presence, make it a promising company in the direct-to-consumer industry. Overall, BWMX has demonstrated a strong track record of success and is well-positioned for future growth.