Investing in CNX Resources Corporation. (CNX)

Valuation methodValue, $Upside, %
Artificial intelligence (AI)n/a
Intrinsic value (DCF)0.00-100
Graham-Dodd Method10.77-54
Graham Formula0.00-100

Company description

CNX, also known as CONSOL Energy Inc., is an American energy company that specializes in the production of natural gas, coal, and renewable energy sources. Founded in 1860, with headquarters in Pennsylvania, CNX has a long history of contributing to the energy industry. The company has a diverse portfolio of operations, including exploration, production, gathering, processing, and marketing, making it a leading player in the energy market. CNX is committed to responsible and sustainable energy practices while striving for operational excellence. With a strong focus on innovation and technology, the company continues to expand its reach and growth through strategic partnerships and acquisitions. CNX has a strong presence in the Appalachian Basin and has successfully expanded into the Marcellus and Utica shale regions. The company also has a growing presence in the renewable energy sector, with a particular focus on solar energy. CNX is dedicated to creating value for its shareholders, employees, and the communities in which it operates while maintaining a strong commitment to environmental stewardship. With a skilled workforce, solid financial performance, and a dedication to their core values of safety, innovation, performance, and ethics, CNX is well-positioned for future success in the ever-evolving energy industry.