Investing in Costco Wholesale Corporation (COST)

Valuation methodValue, $Upside, %
Artificial intelligence (AI)2973.58307
Intrinsic value (DCF)3376.31362
Graham-Dodd Method141.77-81
Graham Formula934.3528

Company description

COST, also known as Costco Wholesale Corporation, is a multinational retail corporation that operates a chain of membership-only warehouse clubs. The company was founded in 1976 and is headquartered in Issaquah, Washington. With over 800 warehouses worldwide, COST offers a wide range of products including groceries, electronics, clothing, and home goods at discounted prices to its 105 million members. The company is known for its high-quality products, bulk buying opportunities, and its commitment to providing exceptional customer service. It also offers a variety of services such as gas stations, pharmacies, and food courts in its warehouses. COST has a strong financial track record, consistently reporting high sales and revenue growth. Its business model of charging membership fees has proven to be successful in retaining loyal customers and driving profits. The company also prides itself on its ethical and sustainable practices, earning it several awards and recognition. With its strong brand reputation and continuous expansion, COST continues to be a leading player in the retail industry.